Cross Walking N1 Cape Town

Met brother Steve one Sunday as i was about to leave to walk on the N1 Cape Town for a few hours sharing the Love of Jesus and reminding people that He is Risen. Thanks Steve for the video and be blessed in all you do. If you watching this video and need prayer leave a comment below and we will pray for you.
Blessing Johan

We need roof racks for our car


Thank you Jesus for speaking to somebody that blessed us with Holdfast Roof racks to carry the cross on the car. Bless this person for giving into the work we do

Dennis the Cross Maker

denis-the-cross-makerEver since i started doing evangelism walking with a big wooden cross i have met many Christian from around the world on facebook doing the same. One brother Dennis Williamson actually manufacture all different kinds of crosses. If you have a need for a cross in the states contact him and i am sure he will be able to make you what you need .

Here is video on what he does. and click on his name to goto his facebook page here Dennis Williamson