Vision September 2016 Onwards

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it. Habakkuk 2:2

Vision-John316-Ministries-JThis is Winnie and Johan Marais vision from September 2016 to continue the work Jesus have called us to do for the Kingdom of God

  1. For as we go many people to get to know Jesus Christ, become born again and to bear much fruit by the preaching of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected. HE is RISEN indeed
  2. To get a motor-home to continue our work
  3. To do intercession with cross on Lions Head with 6m cross for 3 days and night with LED lights
  4. Walk from Cape Town to Mighty Men in Malmesbury
  5. To visit Pretoria and walk around the Voortrekker Monument with the cross 7 times to break strong holds
  6. To enable us to carry our outreach equipment with us, including bigger PA system, projector system, generator and battery system
  7. To open doors for us to every week to show Jesus film and do outreach/ministry with churches in the towns we visit
  8. As we leave Cape Town to continue in our vision with the cross to visit every town in the Western Cape to walk with the cross in the main streets and to walk around every NG church as the Lord commanded us to

Father in Jesus name Winnie and me bring this vision before you, write it on tablets before you and will run with it knowing that You will undertake for the above. We thank you in Jesus name. Amen

Encounter with a angel walking with the Cross

On the 3rd August 2016 i was led by the Holy Spirit to walk with the cross from Table View to N1 City and on the N1 and back praying and interceding for South Africa as it was the local elections taking place. As before at many different locations on the highways and byways i would stop and lift up the 4m cross and intercede where i am. During this walk i stopped at the off ramp to Century city on the N1. While getting up i had a encounter with a angel. In the video below i explain what happened. Blessings Johan

Your Name
Prayer Requist

Arrested for the Gospel of Jesus Christ??

gospelI made up this picture today to see the response i would get from Christians. This is what i got;

  1. Hypothetically speaking a good question… we thank God for the freedom we have to share the Gospel but yes what if it were not so and against the law here – at the same time Yes let us the freedom to share the Gospel freely so that mankind can be free… and like the ad once said “are you free or are you doom”
  2. Depends on the country you in
  3. I should hope plenty

Sadly none of the above answers is correct and what i expected. Firstly it got nothing to do with the country you in or the freedom you have to share the Gospel. It is about if you go out and share the Gospel to the lost. Not in church or in home or at work as that is easy but out of your comfort zone

The correct answer should be if am arrested for the act mentioned i will be found guilty and the keys will be dumped and i will be locked up GUILTY AS CHARGED. As a disciple this is  what we suppose to do.


But you will say “I am not am evangelist” Wrong the Word of God says

2 Timothy 4:5  But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

i urge you brothers and sisters in Christ GO into the highways and the byways and share the Good News that Jesus Christ is the answer for the world. Time is short.