Vredehoek AFM Church Camp site

Winnie and i finally in Cape Town City Bowl. We have been given permission to park at the AFM/AGS church in Vredehoek until 11th December 2015. City very hot compared to the coast and still getting use to all the cars passing us and sirens going all the time as we next to the busy M3 . After that we will visit my uncle in Fishhoek for 3 days before we leave for the West Coast. i have included some pictures of where we are and our campsite. We have a toilet and basin to use and already checked and basin way to small for me. Thank you Jesus for giving us a place to park in the City and also thank you for Vredehoek AFM church for allowing us to park our caravan here. Blessings Johan & Winnie

We parked next to AFM Vredehoek Church

We parked next to AFM Vredehoek Church

Lovely view of the city and Lions Head

Lovely view of the city and Lions Head

Table Mountain in the back ground from where we are

Table Mountain in the back ground from where we are

CapeTown4Jesus 3 December 2015

This morning as we are preparing to start walking with the cross and do outreach in the Cape Town City Bowl area while spending time with the Lord He gave us Matthew 13: 18-23 but the emphasis is that during our time we sow seeds in Cape Town that verse 23 will be fulfilled.  But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

Thank you Jesus that as i walk with the cross until 11th December in 2015 in Cape Town City Bowl area  all seeds that is sown during this time will bear fruit. i thank you Jesus that many will respond to the Gospel and that many will come for prayer and salvation. Amen…CapeTown4Jesus


Let us rejoice in God’s mercies

woman-caught-in-adultery1as Christians we have so much to be thank full for. When we get to hear of somebody healed, delivered or touched by Jesus i feel sometime we just take it for granted.

The bible says angels rejoice in heaven when only ONE come to Jesus. Let us never forget that mercies that God showed us when we became born again and at the time a awesome time for us. Every time somebody get healed, set free, saved by Jesus let us rejoice in that mercies God poured out on that person. Not sure if i am explaining myself properly here.

Many time after i walked with the cross and come home i would sit many times weep before the Lord. Not weeping for sorrow but tears of joy that God is such a mercy-full God that He although we mess Him around He will touch people in-spite of there short comings and i see the way Jesus touch people as they stop and come and talk to me and ask for prayer

wow look at this

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

His compassion fail not WOW WOW WOW. Thank you Jesus

Have a blessed day. Johan


Bloubergstrand – Table-view cross walk

12278631_10205333270316534_3265424545640185800_nOn Sunday afternoon as i was returning home where we staying the Lord told me to walk to Table View and back everyday for the remainder of the time we here as we waiting on Him for a place in the City Bowl

As i am walking in a very strong this evening on my way back where we staying a young lady stopped and asked me if she could carry the cross a bit. I asked her why.

This was her reply. “I was gay and then i met Jesus and now i am no longer gay. I just finished a 21 day fast and Jesus set my free from smoking and drinking and doing bad things” i help her to carry the cross for a while and she walked for about a 100m. While she was walking Jesus touched her in a very special way. God is awesome



Cross Walking N1 Cape Town

Met brother Steve one Sunday as i was about to leave to walk on the N1 Cape Town for a few hours sharing the Love of Jesus and reminding people that He is Risen. Thanks Steve for the video and be blessed in all you do. If you watching this video and need prayer leave a comment below and we will pray for you.
Blessing Johan