Cape Town to Mighty Men Malmesbury Cross Walk


Start of my walk from Tableview

The walk from Table View, Cape Town to the Mighty Men Conference near Malmesbury went very well with many people stopped for counseling and prayer. As I left I did not have a place to sleep in Philadelphia but the Lord already had a place prepared for me as i have just started walking, got onto the N7 passing Du Noon when I got a sms saying I must contact Susan as they will give me a place to sleep for the night in Philadelphia.


Nic surprised me with lunch – thanks bro

Nic Meadows a friend surprised me with lunch just as I was approaching the dump turn off. Thanks Nic may our Lord bless you.

I was spoiled with a lovely supper and breakfast and some awesome fellowship staying by Denel & Susan in Philadelphia. I got back on the road towards Malmesbury about 9am the next morning.

There is two thing I would like to share that happened on this walk

  1. During my walk coming closer to Philadelphia I noticed a lot of wheat fields with them being very close to harvest. As I left the next morning I asked the Lord to show me some wheat that I can take with me. As I walked all of a sudden a few wheat plants was next to the road which I pulled out and carried with me all the way to the farm. I took the picture below on the N7 as I believe that the END TIME HARVEST is near and is ready to be harvested. I also found out that the wheat will be ready for harvest within the next month from the people I stayed with. Praise the Lord. Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Luke 10:2
    Are you going to be part of this mighty end time army of laborers in this final hour to reap this mighty harvest for Jesus?


    Wheat i picked along the road – it is HARVEST TIME

  2. One other thing that really stood out for me on this walk is that as i was about to get onto the N7 from Philadelphia a young lady that passed me made a u-turn to come and speak to me. She said if I am ever there again we welcome to stay at her house. I prayed for her but then felt led to ask her if there is anything specifically she needs prayer for. Without hesitation she said that she cant have a baby. I then fetched the oil from my bag and laid hands on her anointing her with oil. i firmly believe that shortly she and her husband will be calling me to announce that she is pregnant. What a blessing it would be for me to also dedicate this little one to the Lord Jesus

My number plate for the trip

At one time the GPS on my phone said I still had 11km to go to the farm. According to my calculations it was suppose to be be only 5km. Somebody on the way stopped on the way to the conference and took my luggage with them. They also confirmed it was 11km to go. I wanted to get there by 6pm to be part of the opening service and with this distance left I was not going to make it in time. Apart from that I pulled a muscle on my right leg and with a nasty blister under my left foot giving me uphill it slowed me down as I walked.


Arriving @ Moreson Farm Mighty Men Western Cape

But I was determent to get there in time and although you feel tempted to hitch a ride as i was offered one i refused and ask the Lord to help me for strenght to complete the walk. Imagine the surprise as I came over a hill and see the camp site with 100’s of tents about 1km away. I shouted and rejoiced praising the Lord. I got to the camp site just before 5pm just before the runners from Table Mountain got there.

We joined the opening service and it was a blessing to be part of the Western Cape Mighty men conference. Sunday somebody gave Winnie a lift to join me at the morning service.


Our campsite with Ray

I stayed with Ray Hall during the camp and we had a blessed time together with a few other guys. Thanks Ray for giving me a place to sleep. He also gave Winnie and me and the cross a lift back to Cape Town. All Glory to God and thank you Jesus for all the people that I could share the Gospel with during the 4 days.

Thank you to everybody that prayed for me during this walk, stopped to give me a drink, food and shelter. Most of all thank you Jesus and His angels that protected and guided me during this time GOD IS GOOD


Start of my 2 day walk to Malmesbury


One of the services at Mighty Men Western Cape


Table Mountain in the distance with wheat fields along side the N7 to Malmesbury


On the last day stopped to pray for some brothers on there way back to George

Cape Town to Malmesbury Mighty men Cross Walk September 2016

cape-town-moreson-mighty-meI will be leaving tomorrow morning walking with the cross Thursday 22nd Sept 2016 from Table View to the Moreson farm where they having the Western Cape Mighty Men conference from the 23rd-25th Sept this year.

I will walk as far as Philadelphia (26km) on the N7 and sleep over. I did put word for a place to rest for the night but have not had any feedback but as the town’s name mean “brotherly love” I am sure when I get there somebody there will give me some brotherly love with a bed to sleep in and to rest for the night.

Friday morning I will walk the remained of the +- 20km to the Moreson farm 10km from Malmesbury . If I get there early will remain on the N7 at the entrance interceding until just before 6pm when the main opening service of the conference start.

I was asked to join in the opening ceremony to light a huge revival fire that will burn over the weekend. A torch that will be carried in a relay run starting on top of Table mountain by Bertie Cloete and a team of people to Moreson farm will light the fire

I am excited to walk the N7 over the next 2 days. Please pray for me and trust the Lord for many people to come to Jesus and many that will stop and be prayed for and all seeds sown to bear much fruit.

When I walk I pray most of the time and if you know anybody that needs prayer tell them to sms/whatsapp me on 081 7955040. i will check for msg from time to time. You welcome to phone me but on the highways i dont hear the phone ring as it is very noisy. If you are on the N7 during Thursday or Friday and you see me stop and say hello

There is suppose to be rain in the morning leaving here but in Jesus name I thank you Lord that you will carry me through this as it is for your glory.

Winnie will remain behind in the caravan in Tableview where we parked at the moment and I am trusting the Lord for a lift to the farm for her so that she can join me for the 9am service, If anybody is going that way contact us as we would appreciate a lift that way.

God is awesome and looking forward to a blessed weekend.
All the best to you and your family,

Crosswalk Cape Town to Mighty Men Conference Moreson September 2016

cape-town-moreson-mighty-meOn 3 different occasions while walking with the cross God send somebody across my path that said i should walk to the Mighty men Conference in Malmesbury. i take that as confirmation that that is what the Lord want me to do.

i was also contacted by PiperJames one of the organizers and ask if i would like to walk the last km with the guys bringing the revival torch from Table Mountain to the conference to light a revival torch at the opening of the conference.

The route i will follow is on the N7 leaving Table View Thursday morning the 22 September with a sleep over in Philadelphia 24km from my start. At this time i don’t have anywhere to sleep in Philadelphia as yet and trust the Lord will provide. Friday morning i will walk the remainder of 20km to Moreson farm. If anybody want to join me for a while you welcome to do so but i also ask that you pray for us as we walk. We trust the Lord that many people will come to Jesus and stop for prayer during this time.

If you pass us during this time stop and say hello or call me on 081 7955040

Winnie will remain behind to pray for me and will join me the Sunday on the farm for the family service

Johan & Winnie

Vision September 2016 Onwards

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it. Habakkuk 2:2

Vision-John316-Ministries-JThis is Winnie and Johan Marais vision from September 2016 to continue the work Jesus have called us to do for the Kingdom of God

  1. For as we go many people to get to know Jesus Christ, become born again and to bear much fruit by the preaching of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected. HE is RISEN indeed
  2. To get a motor-home to continue our work
  3. To do intercession with cross on Lions Head with 6m cross for 3 days and night with LED lights
  4. Walk from Cape Town to Mighty Men in Malmesbury
  5. To visit Pretoria and walk around the Voortrekker Monument with the cross 7 times to break strong holds
  6. To enable us to carry our outreach equipment with us, including bigger PA system, projector system, generator and battery system
  7. To open doors for us to every week to show Jesus film and do outreach/ministry with churches in the towns we visit
  8. As we leave Cape Town to continue in our vision with the cross to visit every town in the Western Cape to walk with the cross in the main streets and to walk around every NG church as the Lord commanded us to

Father in Jesus name Winnie and me bring this vision before you, write it on tablets before you and will run with it knowing that You will undertake for the above. We thank you in Jesus name. Amen

John3V16 Motorhome Fundraiser

UPDATE – Winnie and i have now purchased a motorhome and the  motorhome fund is now closed. If however you would like to contribute to the upkeep and running cost of our motorhome it will be a blessing for us. Thank you to everybody that prayed and contributed towards our motorhome. Have a blessed Christmas and 2017

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,858RRaised 72,511R towards the 65,858R target.72,511RRaised 72,511R towards the 65,858R target.110% Greetings in Jesus name, please watch the video below in regards to our Motor-home fundraiser. May our Lord bless you as give towards the work we do sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have already received 10 donations for R72511 (R65858 in bank as we had to use for petrol/car repairs and ministry cost) No matter what the amount is how big or small will be welcome. Blessings Johan & Winnie

  1. Anonymous R2000
  2. Anonymous R10000
  3. Johan & Winnie R2000
  4. Anonymous R450
  5. Anonymous R65
  6. Anonymous R1000
  7. Anonymous R300
  8. Smit Family R600 (Velddrif)
  9. Ansaspex Company R1000
  10. Erica R500
  11. Vredendal AGS R3100
  12. Anonymous R500
  13. Anonymous R620
  14. PC Van Wyk Kleinmond R200
  15. Anonymous R86.28
  16. Botha and Ina Mcgregor R5000
  17. Anonymous R34.72
  18. Anonymous R35.50
  19. Moreson Earthmoving R25000
  20. Anonymous R58
  21. Anonymous R20 000


You can contribute the follow way towards this fundraiser by EFT or cash deposit.

  1. Absa Bank: 9188894370
    Account holder: WEE Marais
    Branch Code: 632005
    Swift Code: ABSAAZAJJ
  2. Capitec Bank: 1482752954
    Account holder: John316
    Branch Code: 470010
  3. Paypal: send donation to (prefer people overseas to use Paypal unless you have to as we get charged a service fee)
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